At some point of our lives we have all been underestimated because we look like we have all been underestimated because we look like we are unable to complete the task or just because of people’s perspective. We are viewed as weak based on our physical appearances than how intelligent we are. even though the view of women has changed over the years, we as women are still not at the point I would like to see us in.

“Womens leadership value and talents are steadily being unlocked. However, progress is slow. There are a few female leaders in executive management positions, but not nearly as a representation of the population split, of which over 5% are females.” says Tarina Volk.

Even though there is undoubtedly still a long way to go before there is greater equality. Forek Institute of Technology is ready to educate those who will pave a way for others.





Joining Forek Institute of Technology is like walking in a men’s world where you will have to accept that you are a woman in the opposite genders world. then, you will be required to work harder and longer hours and dedicate yourself to be the best at what you are doing. Do not look back. Live everyday and plan for tomorrow.

For the past few months I have been reflecting on what it means to be an independent women in today’s world. Growing up wasn’t easy. I watched my mother try to raise two young females with no father figure in that house. I watched her work as hard as a man trying to put food on the table and from that, I saw a hardworking woman. A woman that made things happen regardless and that drove me into female independence.

Years later, my list of jobs became longer than my arm: Poetess, songwriter,designer, music producer,actress, athlete and they go on…….. As you can imagine. I have ran into my fair share of roadblocks and milestones along the way. There are all kinds of challenges that come from being a woman in a mens world, but I refuse to let them keep me down.

Here are a few lessons that I hold close to my heart and i hope it will help you to.

  1. The first thing you have to do is accept that you are in a men’s world, and then work hard, Give it your all. Be a self-starter. I am a netball coach and I always tell my team that, all I’m going to ask from them is to be coachable and give me 110% and that’s also what i have tried to do with my endeavors, whether I am preparing for a show or designing my sisters clothing line, I know If I take direction and give everything I have, the project will be successful.
  2. Finding what makes you happy has to be your Top priority. I learned at a young age: if you love what you do. you will always succeed because you will love the job. Happiness is infectious.
  3. My biggest desire is if we women supported each other more. I have noticed that women get very competitive with each other. whatever happened to team work? Help each other? advise one another?

In retrospect, there are a lot of things I would have done differently-storm yes! For example, when I started organizing events @Valencia Combined, 6 years ago, it was all new to me, I didn’t know anything about conducting an event and yes, i almost failed a couple of times. it was very challenging.

Thankfully, Valencia Combined hung in there with me and gave me another chance, infant multiple chances. when I finally learned what the learners needed, my brand developed and grew to events funded by private sponsors. But before success, I had to learn the lesson the hard way.

Looking back, I know God put me through trials and tribulations like those because they taught me something and made me a better and stronger person. There was a reason for them and I have no shame.

You cannot look back, you cannot look forward. you have to live everyday and plan for tomorrow. Live in the moment and enjoy what you have right now. This minute of this day and remember my friends: Everything happens for a reason.

Boys and Girls welcome to Forek Institute of Technology and I hope you enjoy your stay.

By Chantelle ‘Jienx’ Theledi (PR & Communications Intern)

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